About service

About service
Litex is an online service, which allows you to exchange currency. Every operation is done semi-automatically. This means, that during working hours, the client will receive his cash on his e-account, or bank card as soon as possible.
Litex works with all famous cryptocurrencies. It's also important to mention, that the partnership with different international payment systems guarantees the honesty and safety of the service. Moreover, we receive bank cards using an honest and verified provider. Also, all the processing is managed due to the PCI DSS standards.
Furthermore, the withdrawal of funds is really important for us. Litex immediately notifies clients, when the money is on a balance. Even more, you can withdraw money on MasterCard and Visa cards.
Our team has a lot of experience working with different cryptocurrencies. We know many nuances of the exchange process. To provide smooth all-day work we have our own crypto-nodes, which allow us to get the information directly, avoiding different delays. Litex allows you to save a lot of time, giving you the opportunity to receive the money in your bank account without any retentions.
Moreover, we understand, that well-developed calculating resources with extensive functionality are necessary to provide the smooth work of the service. Litex is aware of that, so we use the best cloud services to process any kind of workflow at any time.
Furthermore, we know that the service's tax is really important when we are talking about the currency exchange. Litex did all the best to provide the most profitable conditions of work, optimizing everything. We use high-quality cloud services and avoid working with different brokers, so that, we provide a really profitable exchange rate.
Nevertheless, the tax of the service is not the only way you can get the profit working with us. Service automatically gets the current course exchange rate to allow you to get the most profitable offer on a market. This is the fact, why you have a lot of profit working with Litex.
One more important fact is that working with the service regularly, you can have some benefits. You will get your own referral link, which is going to give you even more profit while exchange. You'll get up to 1% of the stake each time when the user, who did join the service via referral link uses the exchanger.
Furthermore, we also provide high-quality support on our website. We know, that people may have many questions, due to misunderstanding or some script errors. This way, you can write to our support team in telegram. They will make everything clear for you. Moreover, you can call our support using the number on our website. You also can use e-mail, to get the fastest response to any kind of question.
We'd also like to mention, that if you have different issues or some questions, you can use the live chat on a website. Our support service gives a response as soon as possible.
And one of the most important things in currency exchange services is privacy. It is really important for us to protect all the data, that the user shares with us. That is why we use the SSL certificate, which provides the best level of data encryption. However, you can exchange the currency even without being registered to our service.