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With the development of the cryptocurrency market, it became necessary to convert them. This will help the service "Litex," which works with many cryptocurrencies and performs operations to convert them. You can find the BTC to ETH rate directly on this site without any problems or difficulties.  {limits|limitations|restrictions} test!

Live Bitcoin to Ethereum Price

The BTC to ETH conversion rate today is 1:17.744 ETH. The conversion rate has changed by 0.68% in the last 24 hours. Our converter calculates the data in real time. Check on-site live coin prices in real-time.

How to Convert Bitcoin to Ethereum?

Do you choose an exchanger to exchange cryptocurrency? On our platform, you can convert Bitcoin to Ethereums easily and safely. Our BTC to ETH exchanger allows us to sell cryptocurrency with maximum convenience. Our online BTC to ETH exchanger chooses the most profitable exchange rate, the whole buying process is transparent, and users are not required to provide private information.

Bitcoin to Ethereum Price Calculator

On the service, you can see the number of coins of each type used on the site and their total number, which will be available shortly. The number of coins that are issued for the service is not limited.

It will be easy to buy ETH and other currencies on this service, and you can also use the calculator. The process will take only a few minutes; however, you must first register a new user. Also, it is possible to buy a cryptocurrency for dollars or other types of money.

Convert BTC to ETH at the Best Rates

The best BTC to ETH exchange platform chooses the most profitable exchange rate. As soon as the user provides data for the swap, the service looks for the conditions for exchanging from Bitcoin to Ethereum on different platforms, selects the most convenient offer, and completes the exchange.

How to swap BTC for ETH

To swap Bitcoin to Ethereum, you need to go to the exchange page:

  • on this page, select the coin you want to sell and the amount;

  • click on a coin to buy;

  • specify the wallet address for crediting coins;

  • next, deposit the swap;

  • a special tool will find the best offers for exchanging BTC for ETH, and the exchange will be completed.

The service is characterized by simplicity, speed of exchanges, and reliability. According to numerous surveys, there are three key criteria by which the level of service is evaluated. It's about the fairness of the exchange rate, how fast transactions are, and how reliable exchanges are.

Therefore, the cryptocurrency market is developing rapidly because financial secrecy is considered almost the basic functioning condition. Litex is one of the fastest services. All hacker attacks and information leakage are kept to a minimum. On average, orders are executed in 5-30 minutes.

Modern security protocols are embedded in all transactions, and servers are protected at the physical level. Experienced exchangers can expect to exchange more than 200 coins per transaction. An excellent affiliate program will help regular customers save a lot. The exchange time depends on the response of the decentralized network. It will take more time if the amount is more than 1 BTC.


How do you convert BTC to ETH Smart chain?

The most convenient way to compare cryptocurrencies is to compare the prices of Bitcoin and Ethereums.

What is the limit for BTC to ETH exchange?

When you change BTC to ETH, you determine the exchange amount yourself since our platform does not set limits on the exchange.

Are all BTC to ETH transactions private?

Yes, all transactions from BTC to ETH are completely anonymous. It does not require you to provide confidential information.

Can you swap BTC to ETH?

Yes, you can swap BTC to ETH quickly and safely.

How do I sell Bitcoin to ETH?

On the Litex platform, you can exchange BTC to ETH in just a few steps. This crypto exchanger is a reliable assistant for both a beginner and an experienced user.

Our service helps to make any exchange safely and quickly.